The Standing StrongTM fall prevention program is an evidence-based exercise and education program for older adults at risk of falls. The goal of the program is to reduce risk of falls through a well-rounded exercise program including strength and balance exercises using readily accessible elastic bands and foam pads. In addition, behavioral change strategies are implemented to help increase physical activity levels after the program.  Participants in Standing Strong have significantly improved in balance (82%) and lower extremity strength (13-20%), as well as significantly decreased in fall rate (from 58% to 16%).

The Standing Strong program was developed by researchers and clinicians in the US and Japan: Dr. Michael Rogers of Wichita State University, Dr. Nobuo Takesmima of Nagoya City University, and physical therapist Dr. Phil Page.

The program has been presented around the world to health and fitness professionals. Currently, there are 18 ongoing programs in Japan and the United States, reaching 500 older adults.